Top 5 challenges for sales leaders in green businesses at the start of the financial year 

As the new financial year dawns upon us, sales leaders in the green industry find themselves at the forefront of a rapidly evolving landscape. With sustainability becoming a core focus for businesses and consumers alike, the opportunities are vast, but so are the challenges. From aligning eco-motivation to navigating budget constraints, sales leaders must adeptly steer their teams towards success.  

Here, we delve into the top five challenges facing sales leaders in the green industry as they embark on the new financial year. 

Eco-motivation boost: 

In the green industry, a passion for environmental sustainability often drives the sales people to succeed. However, at the start of a new financial year, the slate is wiped clean, you start from £0 again and motivation levels can wane. Add into that, with the growth and ambition across the sector, new sales targets can be significant double digit %age growth.  Daunting! 

Salespeople may find themselves grappling with the need to reignite their passion and focus on selling eco-friendly solutions to their customers. Sales leaders must inspire and align their teams towards the common goal of promoting sustainability, emphasising the positive impact their products or services have on the planet and how they as salespeople, make a big difference. 

Sustainable budget alignment: 

Setting sales targets in the green industry can be challenging, especially when faced with budget constraints and uncertain market conditions. Sales leaders often find themselves in a predicament where upper management expects higher targets without providing adequate resources or support.  

This misalignment can hinder the sales team’s ability to meet objectives and drive growth. Sales leaders must strategically align their budgets with sustainability goals, advocating for investments in eco-friendly initiatives and resources to support their sales efforts. 

Competitive & noisy green market: 

The green industry is bustling with competition, with companies vying to offer the most innovative and sustainable solutions. With marketing “noise” hitting potential customers who may not be fully on the same environmental “page” as you, it can cause confusion around decision making leading to slow or no purchase decisions. 

Sales leaders must navigate a marketplace where price pressures and margin squeezes are commonplace. Clearly differentiating their offerings based on value and emphasising the environmental benefits becomes paramount. Sales teams need to maintain confidence and resilience in the face of competition, highlighting the unique selling points that set their products or services apart from the crowd. 

Seasonal demand fluctuations: 

Seasonal demand fluctuations can pose a significant challenge for sales leaders in the green industry. Whether it’s the impact of weather patterns on renewable energy sales or the fluctuating demand for eco-friendly products throughout the year, anticipating and managing these fluctuations is crucial. Sales leaders must devise strategies to mitigate the effects of seasonality, such as diversifying product offerings, implementing targeted marketing campaigns, and optimising inventory management to ensure consistent sales performance year-round. 

Environmentally strategic sales planning: 

Effective sales planning sets the foundation for success in the green industry. Sales leaders must develop comprehensive strategies that address key questions such as identifying target customers, assessing market threats and opportunities, and strengthening partnerships with eco-conscious organisations. This strategic approach ensures that sales efforts are aligned with broader sustainability objectives and contribute to long-term growth and profitability. 


As sales leaders embark on a new financial year in the green industry, they must confront these challenges head-on while embracing the opportunities for growth and innovation. By prioritising eco-motivation, aligning budgets with sustainability goals, navigating a competitive market, managing seasonal demand fluctuations, and adopting environmentally strategic sales planning, sales leaders can pave the way for a successful and sustainable future in the green industry. 

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