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How we help maximise your success

Flexible tiers of development to suit your growth plan

Build personal skills, gain accreditations, grow confidence.

A shared purpose; we work harder to help you succeed

We’re as committed to eco-accountability as you are.

Courses built around you

We fit around your business to ensure what we do accelerates performance and doesn’t slow you down!

Upskilling your people to be the best

From negotiation to leadership to communicating effectively, there’s a lot your team can learn to really push your green dreams to the next level. It’s not always easy to find the time to upskill in a competitive, fast-paced landscape. How are you going to fit all that development in?

With wayvie, you can learn a little – or a lot – whenever it suits you best. We’re the UK’s leading green-focused training services provider for businesses with eco-goals in mind.

Whether you need help inspiring internal or external customers to get behind your green initiatives or want to foster a more confident, more can-do mindset across your workforce, we can help.

Start making waves

We take the time to listen to your story – to what you need now, and to help you work out how to get your team where you need it to be.

After all, it only takes a little bit of motivation and direction to kickstart creating brilliant, measurable ripple effects!

wayvie provides three key chunks of development opportunities. Here’s everything you need to know.

learning and development sales training workshop for teams working in the green sector

Bespoke People Development

If you’re investing in people, you’ll want to invest in their soft skills. We’re right behind you.

With wayvie people development and learning, you’ll benefit from customised packages and modules to help inspire your people to make waves.

Upskill your team to excel in:

  • Leadership
  • Service delivery
  • Sales and business development
  • Team building and communication
  • Confidence and assertiveness

These are more than “soft” skills. Click to learn more about how bespoke development can help you seal those deals while staying true to your cause.

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1 to 1 and Executive Coaching

Whether you’re a start up, scale up or established business, all have very specific challenges, and the specialists who are driving success in your business can feel they’re out on their own – it can be a lonely world.

With wayvie executive and sales coaching modules, your in-house talent can take confident new strides in all that they do. We want to help your staff be the best versions of themselves. 

Whether that’s learning how to work around exceptional challenges, or how to better inspire others, our executive coaching packages are built to inspire.

Take advantage of one-to-one coaching to help your executives build greater confidence in their fantastic causes.

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Accredited Courses

Accreditation Badge

The growth of any business depends on the people running it. To create your own ripple effect, you need to work together – with the help of interpersonal, commercial skills to help bring confidence to the whole team.

With wayvie’s accredited courses, your team can develop skills to help take your brand to that next crucial level.

Take part in courses focused on:

  • Purposeful Leadership
  • Stepping into Management
  • Value-Led Sales
  • Customer Success

Our courses are internationally recognised and audited by the CPD Certification Service. We help your teams reach the standards expected of truly successful businesses worldwide.


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wayvie are the uk number one provider of soft skills training to the green industry

Let’s get learning

We never stop learning – and no matter how busy your business may be, there’s always time and space to grow.  In fact, our learning solutions are often exactly what is needed to get you out of unproductive busyness!

Click through to any of our specialist courses above and learn more about how bespoke coaching from wayvie can help your team feel inspired to hit those green goals.