Case Study: Ecologi

Boosting Ecologi’s Sales Performance:
Transformative Sales Coaching for a Greener Future

Ecologi’s green platform aims to put a stop to climate change – full stop. They’re committed to helping reduce carbon emissions by half by 2040, through funding climate initiatives and tree-planting programs worldwide.

Ecologi’s Mission: Combating Climate Change One Business at a Time

To do this, they need to bring people together – providing products and services that not only appeal to the everyday consumer, but other businesses, too. Like wayvie, Ecologi believes in the ripple effect – even a small effort helps to build up to a big impact.

Identifying the Challenge: Sales Struggles and Sustainable Messaging

However, the company realised it needed to make big changes if it wanted to achieve its growth goals for the years to come. While Ecologi had already won big contracts from global brands, there was something missing.

That something, as identified by the company’s SVP for sales in Europe and Asia Pacific, Dennis Hettema, was worrying gaps in understanding. Specifically, Ecologi’s sales teams were struggling with sales techniques – closing those deals while promoting their sustainable messages.

Addressing Isolation and Burnout Among Ecologi’s Executives

Ecologi’s sales talent was struggling with approaching larger enterprises. This wasn’t being helped by isolated working – and many executives felt burned out as pressure mounted to drive additional profits.

Ultimately, Ecologi lacked an effective process to help their sales professionals confidently close deals with larger businesses. That’s where we came in.

Working with Ecologi’s executives, we created a two-phase approach to help coach on effective sales management. Specifically, we offered a 50/50 approach – focusing half of our coaching on sales strategy, and the other half on mindset and focus.

Mastering B2B Sales and Mindset: Tailored Training for Ecologi’s Team

These phases rolled out as one-to-one coaching sessions, followed by masterclass training and B2B enterprise education. The results were astonishing.

Ecologi reported 25% growth year on year. They landed high-profile contacts with BAFTA’s albert scheme, and Mulberry. Through BAFTA and albert alone, Ecologi’s executives lined up more than 250 new partners.

Our six-month program helped Ecologi to boost sales confidence across the team – helping staff to change their approach to calls and streamline their processes.

Ecologi leaves wayvie’s program refreshed, confident, and ready to build on a record core revenue of £12 million.

Testimonial: Dennis Hettema on wayvie’s Impactful Sales Coaching

“I’ve been really happy with [wayvie’s] approach to sales coaching from the very first contact we had, through to working with them as a training partner,” says Dennis Hettema. “They recognise the human angle within sales success and show this throughout their work and communications with us.”

“The commercial team’s confidence and capability has increased over these last six months, in turn growing our pipeline which means we can create more impact towards minimising the climate crisis.”

Learn more about Ecologi and the impact our coach and trainer, Helen, had on their business:

NB This partnership was started through Chilli (parent company of wayvie) and was indeed a significant milestone in the creation and development of the wayvie business.