Case Study: Colt

Making Change Happen: Colt’s ESG team influencing and accelerating their impact to drive sustainability goals.

Colt is a global technology business. We worked with their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) team of 7, needing to influence and impact a workforce of 5,000 whilst balancing the commercial needs of their business alongside driving important sustainability requirements.

Colt: Leading and accelerating change

These change leaders wanted to accelerate their impact and increase internal advocacy through influencing and persuading others whilst garnering practical support for their purpose driven projects to deliver their ESG aspirations.

The Solution: Understand, identify and recognise

We delivered an action focused workshop to enable the team to:

  • Understand how people react to change and how you can influence them
  • Identify people who can join their tribe and be at the forefront of mobilising change
  • Recognise different approaches you can take to increase your ability to influence and persuade

The Impact: Create a ripple effect to maximise planet impact

This geographically dispersed team had an opportunity to share some common themes in the challenges they face daily, including feelings of frustration and overwhelm.

By working through live project examples each team member came away with:

  • Understanding how to find the ‘hook’ and talk the language of those they’re trying to influence
  • Techniques to persuade others and grow their following
  • Identifying key priorities and action focussed commitments which progressed in a follow up session

This session was a demonstration of the ‘ripple effect’ that we aspire to create; when we can help individuals to achieve more, the team impact accelerates and ultimately maximises the positive impact on the planet.