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The earth has set us a Target

We won’t stop until every business in the green industry has a culture strong enough to enable them to hit that target.
About wayvie soft skills training and accredited courses
wayvie are the uk number one provider of soft skills training to the green industry

Who is wayvie?

wayvie is the UK’s number one provider of soft skills to the green industry. We commit to helping people be brilliant in all that they do.

Ultimately, we want to help you open doors to new opportunities that are, right now, getting a bit stuck.

You’re keen to create a ripple effect that’s measurable and satisfying. We understand how important it is to not only seize a positive, progressive mindset, but to also put this into action with motivation and confidence.

It’s innovative, inspiring, confident people who are helping to move our planet closer to net zero. These are the people we want to help scale up and reach out for new challenges.

We don’t just transform business models – we change lives, too. We strive to make positive changes happen one ripple at a time – working closely with green-focused people who want to make a genuine difference.

No fancy gimmicks. Just open, perceptive training and coaching to help you push past those growing pains and help your team rise above the norm.

How did wayvie get started?

wayvie started out of a moment of pure realisation.

Doing our part

As experienced leaders in soft skills training, we collectively realised we could do more for the world around us. That, of course, starts with reducing our carbon footprint.

Keeping the ball rolling

Digging deeper, we found that businesses like ours can continue to thrive while giving back to the world around us.

Finding like-minded brands

That, in turn, led us to consider other businesses. What about those green-focused enterprises that are struggling to make ends meet?

What about eco-friendly firms with plenty of passion and potential - but who might lack the interpersonal skills to move to the next level?

We started wayvie because we want to make those bold, brave, and disruptive visions into a firm reality.

All it takes is a clear, human approach – through coaching that’s fun, inspiring, and measurable through outcomes.

What’s the ‘why’ of wayvie?

We aim to help eco-focused brands get their green teams up and moving. We want to see your ideas go viral. To do that, you need to invest in your people!

Since we started, we’ve been committed to helping businesses make small changes to build towards a ripple effect. Abundant small changes build up to bigger impacts – which is why we want to help as many green firms make a difference as possible.

Helping you achieve brilliance means we’re doing our part to super-size your performance. The better you perform, the more you give back to the planet. Everyone benefits.

It’s all about achieving big in a challenging landscape. You can scale up your business and leave an inspiring legacy with the right skills and attitude.

No matter where you are at in your eco-journey, we can give you that extra boost to hit those next crucial milestones. Believe in the impact of your own ripple effect!

wayvie help eco-focused brands get their green teams up and moving

Is wayvie accountable?

All our courses and sessions are fully accounted for in line with our carbon emission commitment. We’re conscious and committed to being as clean as possible, and we can even show you how.

We use accountancy data to calculate how we spend resources and where we generate CO2. We understand that it’s not always possible to avoid creating emissions – and we’re transparent on all that we do emit.

We want you to be confident that you’re training with someone genuinely passionate about respecting the world around us.

wayvie transfers the same calculations and approach to your training. How can we deliver green-friendly development that aligns with your ethos and needs?

wayvie is committed to building brilliance with as few emissions as possible.

Wayvie work exclusively with green focused businesses

Who does wayvie work with?

We work exclusively with businesses offering a green focus.

You don’t have to be a green business outright or work in the environmental sector. If your team’s working towards eco-goals, large or small, we can support you.

We want to work with you if you’re committed to giving back to the planet. Whether that’s a new green initiative or if you have a specific department dedicated to green development, feel free to come and consult with wayvie.

Why choose wayvie?

Choose wayvie as your skills development partner, and you’ll:

Learn how to promote your green initiatives with extra brilliance

Work with coaches and trainers who are Carbon Literacy Certified

Gain the skills you need to make your voice heard in your industry

Discover how to train and develop talent effectively as your business grows

Help your team help itself – turning negative blockades into positive opportunities.

Build your business – and revenue – while staying committed to your cause

Meet The Team

Here are the people who make Wayvie happen.

Trainers & Partners

At wayvie, we have a trusted partnership network of specialist consultants to ensure the right skills and chemistry fit with our clients. Coming from a range of backgrounds, they are all accredited trainers in their fields and carry real world experience to deliver outstanding learning experiences for our clients. Here are a few to give you a flavour…