Terms and Conditions

We endeavour to operate the wayvie business with a minimal footprint and environmental impact. We are constantly looking at ways to innovate and minimise this as a business, however, there are always judgment calls to be made.

As a business, we measure every training intervention and work with our clients to create events with a minimal environmental impact along with a maximum learning impact.

For example, we operate in person training vs online training and hard copy workbooks vs soft copy options.  Whichever option we agree with the client will be made with a balanced view, always measured and subsequently offset with a leading Carbon Offset programme.

These T&Cs are in place to protect clients and our own business to maintain a sustainable organisation, generating client value at every stage and relentlessly pursuing the targets the earth needs us to hit. 

  • Max number of delegates per workshop is 12. Want more? Let us know, as an additional fee may apply.
  • wayvie will supply all printed materials and tools for the workshop, including where relevant, workbooks, handouts etc.
  • Lunch and refreshments are not included in the training package, and are the responsibility of the client.
  • Venue hire is not included in the cost of the training and is the responsibility of the client to source and organise.
  • Trainer travel expenses are not included in the cost of any training package.
  • To get the best result for you, the structure and timetable of the workshop is designed to ensure content flow is well blended. Typical timings will be 9am – 4:45pm. Our customer service call will confirm these details after receiving your booking.


To operate this value model to you, we need to put some structure in place to support our business. Please read through and agree before confirming dates and content.   

  1. To secure dates with our trainers, full payment must be made 14 days prior to the programme commencement.
  2. Postponement and cancellation of training within particular timescales can result in a fee – please check the timelines below:
 Notice period Postponement fees  Cancellation fees
Over 30 days before programme startNo feeNo fee
Within 30 days of programme start date10% of total cost25% of total cost
Within 21 days of programme start30% of total cost50% of total cost
Within 7 days50% of total cost100% of total cost

If postponing a training event, new dates must be submitted at the point of request – otherwise, it will be treated as a cancellation.

  1. Postponement dates must fall within 100 days of original booked dates unless agreed with your wayvie Account Manager.
  2. In the event that wayvie have to postpone the training, the full cost of expenses incurred by wayvie will be payable by Chilli Pepper Development Ltd; but not those incurred by the client.
  3. In the very unlikely event that wayvie must cancel the training, a full refund will be submitted.
  4. Workshop materials including workbooks, pre-workshop questionnaires and delegate correspondence are included in the training cost.  Should there be additional resources required, these can be negotiated separately on a case by case basis.
  5. Trainer fees including travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the cost of training.
  6. Wayvie is not responsible for the booking or cost of any external training venues, meals or refreshments.
  7. The intellectual property and copyright of materials belongs to wayvie and must not be reused, copied or passed on without prior permission.