Growing Brilliant
People in
Green Teams

We provide training and development to enhance people skills and behaviours; improving retention, engagement and performance.

Ultimately, maximising your people potential to smash your business goals.

You want to leave a green legacy – and make a positive, lasting difference to our planet.
Are your people being brilliant in all that they do?

It’s time to start really smashing your environmental
and business goals – and wayvie wants to help you.

Invest in your people and, in turn, the future of our world.

Why work with wayvie soft skills trainers

Why work with wayvie?

  • Gain skills for infinite growth

    Learn how to lead, negotiate and inspire.

  • Flexible delivery that suits your team

    Accelerating performance, without slowing you down.

  • Partner with an eco-committed educator

    Carbon literate trainers, all emission impacts offset.

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Expand your skills and inspire change with our open courses. Join forward-thinking individuals and teams from the green industry. Perfect for honing leadership capabilities or mastering sales techniques, these courses empower you and your team to ignite change and drive success in your organisation. 
wayvie open courses for people skills in Manchester

Develop “soft” skills and techniques that’ll stay with you for life

Communicating brilliant ideas. Negotiating. Inspiring action. Fostering effective teamwork.

wayvie helps your team develop transferable interpersonal skills
to help grow your business as you leave a positive mark on the world around you.

We call them “soft” skills – but they work hard at improving performance.

Coaching, training and development built around you – with a shared green purpose

You’ve got a business to run and targets to achieve.

You need learning standards that are easy to apply –
and can shift performance immediately.

wayvie gets to know who you are and why you want to succeed as an eco-friendly organisation. We’re friendly, grounded and create learning opportunities that slide easily into the rhythm of your business.

Face-to-face workshops via the web and in-person. Bespoke coaching packages. Accountability that doesn’t go full drill sergeant. We’re here to help you succeed.

  • learning and development services help green-focused companies develop people and business skills

    What we do

    wayvie’s transparent learning and development services help green-focused companies develop people and business skills.

    We’re specialists in flexible, conversational learning that inspires action. We want to help you inspire trust in your potential new clients, customers and colleagues.

    If you’re serious about making a big impact, you need great technical and human skills. There are some big problems out there to solve – do your people have the right tools?

  • wayvie offers outside insight into your business that’s crucial for growth. You don’t always see your work the same way everyone else does.

    Our bespoke and accredited courses help you connect better with people and to be more brilliant through incremental and transformational change.

    Moreover, we’re 100% committed to reducing our environmental impact. All our training resources and programs have a measured carbon footprint, balanced with your desired learning outcomes.

Let’s get started

Here’s a smattering of services on offer at wayvie right now:

Bespoke People Development

With wayvie’s bespoke training packages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Negotiate more effectively with prospects
  • Inspire and motivate people to get behind your cause
  • Become more resilient in the face of challenges

‘Bespoke’ really does mean bespoke, too. After a discovery chat or two, we’ll build a training package around your needs, goals, and team.

Executive and Sales Coaching

Leading a business or driving towards a sales target can be a lonely and pressurised position. You’re busy, and you may not have someone to bounce ideas off or challenge your thinking.

wayvie provides one-to-one coaching to help you achieve commercial and personal goals whilst making a greener mark on your industry.

Accredited Courses

Get fully accredited training for crucial areas of your business’s development. Learn and develop in:

  • Purposeful Leadership
  • Stepping into Management
  • Value-Led Sales
  • Customer Success

Learn how to smash those sales targets and inspire your team to be fantastic – in just a few hours.

green means go - training packages for green focused companies

Green means GO

wayvie produces training packages that will drive you above and beyond your growth expectations. Specialising in green-focused businesses, we want to help you leave a positive legacy.

You can still run a commercially successful business and give back to the environment. With wayvie’s guidance, you’ll learn how to build long-lasting customer relationships and set up your team and business to scale for years of growth.

What’s more, we detest stuffy school classroom-style learning. With wayvie, you’ll learn skills and techniques in an experiential, dynamic environment – and you’ll get to focus on how you can actually put them into practice, too.

Let’s get started

Ready to grow your green business into a new era of brilliance? It all starts with a free consultation.


Aligning Commercial Goals with Team Values

Great experience to be able to set our values as a team and bring them together as a commercial department.

— Senior Customer Success Manager – Switchee

Personal and Effective Coaching Experience

I have been really happy with their approach to sales coaching.  They recognise the human angle within sales success and show this throughout their work and communications with us.

— SVP for Europe & Asia Pacific – Dennis Hettema – Ecologi

Mastering Leadership: A Comprehensive and Engaging Course

By far the most informative training course I've attended in my professional career, I have a desire to grow my leadership qualities, and this was a fantastic opportunity to learn alongside the fantastic director team we have here.

— Sales Operations Director – IT Reseller Industry

Testimonials taken from clients in 2022 who have worked with the Chilli Group.


wayvie is a training business born out of the Chilli Group, which has delivered hundreds of development courses to thousands of people over the last seven years.  

Chilli has been carbon positive since January 2021, and a genuine care for the environment is close to our hearts. In wanting to have the biggest positive effect we can, wayvie was created to focus specifically on the green sector – where we can develop people to be brilliant, making their businesses brilliant, and in turn, accelerate the critical race to net zero and beyond.

There are nuances to people skills development within the Green Sector that require a specialist focus. Recognising these differences and supporting individual and corporate growth through behavioural and thinking improvements is our bread and butter!  

Making these changes happen, is enhanced by the shared purpose and values of being Earth-centric.  Everything we do has its environmental impact measured and offset against to show we walk the talk!

The range of options in people skills development is wide, and the language used can be confusing. We like to keep things simple as much as we can; however, if you can’t see what you are looking for,  then please drop us a line.  If we can help, we will. If we can’t, we will point you in another direction for support.

Soft skills are transferable, interpersonal competencies that many people ‘learn along the way’. They might include communication skills, showing empathy, or leading and influencing others.

There’s a lot more to soft skills than you might think! Let’s have a chat about your current goals, and we can help you identify the soft skills that would help your people be brilliant.

Simple! Just head straight to our contact form and drop us a line. We’ll be back in touch to have a chat about what you need and how we can help.