Purpose-led, Commercially Driven

Transformative training to help you make sustainable, green impacts

Why invest in accredited courses?

Help your leaders gain confidence in all they do

Encourage management talent to help lead, inspire and grow.

Attract and retain your key talent

People will join because of your purpose but need to be supported to help them be brilliant.

Stand apart from the green mainstream

Make big ripples with measurable, disruptive outcomes within and outside of your business.

Accredited courses specifically for green focused companies

Our courses help green talent take bold steps towards their goals

We design and deliver training that’s thought-provoking, full of actionable detail, and inspirational for transforming mindsets and behaviours for the better.

Even the smallest of steps create big ripples. Working together, you can create ripple effects to make huge, sustainable changes. You never know what you might achieve until you try.

What can your team learn through accredited courses?

Accredited courses available through wayvie are designed to provide commercial skills that drive genuine ‘wow’ moments.

Our accredited modules won’t just grant your teams certifications and extra bits and pieces to add to their CVs. They’ll inspire your crew to develop stronger negotiation skills, become more confident in presenting new ideas, and motivate and inspire internal teams to maximise their impact in every interaction.

Running a commercial operation while keeping eco-focused may seem difficult – but it’s more than possible. wayvie itself is proof of this!

Here are some of the courses your team can learn about right now:

  • Stepping into Management
  • Purposeful Leadership
  • Customer Success
  • Purpose Driven Sales

Available Accredited Courses

Stepping into Management

Master the art of leading green teams with this exclusive 2-day accredited course for new managers in eco-conscious companies. With 8 comprehensive modules, you’ll build essential skills, gain insights into team management, and develop effective strategies. Focusing on organisational structures, inclusive leadership, communication, and influence, this course empowers you to make a meaningful impact.

The Purposeful Leader

A 2-day program for experienced leaders who aim to enhance their impact within environmentally-focused organisations. Through a combination of facilitation, self-reflection, and coaching, participants will complete 8 comprehensive modules and unlock their leadership potential, empower their teams, and drive success in creating a sustainable future.

Customer Success

Elevate your customer service and achieve your business objectives with our 1-day CPD accredited Customer Success program. Ideal for customer-facing teams in the green industry, this course enhances customer experience, relationships with key stakeholders, and sales opportunities. Gain insights into essential customer service competencies, and create lasting success for your customers and your business.

Purpose Driven Sales

Boost your selling potential with our 2-day Purpose Driven Sales course. Specifically designed for sales and account management teams in the green sector, this course enhances your capacity to inspire, influence, and sell honestly. Immerse yourself in understanding the seller’s mindset, values-based selling, effective communication, and more. Learn to transform your eco-passion into compelling sales…

It’s time to bring the team together

Above all, accredited courses are fantastic for bringing people together as one. With measured outcomes through building leadership or sales skills, your team will grow stronger as a single unit.

Book accredited learning with wayvie, and we’ll be your green cheerleaders. It’s time to be brilliant.

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