Harnessing the power of your green purpose to attract the best talent 

Recruiting the best people has always been a challenge. The best people expect the best experience and if your attraction and recruitment efforts aren’t up to scratch, you risk losing them to someone else who could cut the mustard. 

Working in the green sector is no different, but on top of this, people seeking green roles will expect you to be clear about who you are and the mission you’re on.  More importantly, they’ll want to see how you are striving to work towards it and how their role fits in. 

So how can you effectively utilise your green purpose to make sure that the best candidates choose you? 

Showing off 

When you’re doing any kind of recruitment advertising, your purpose needs to be really clear; what is your organisation working towards, who are you serving and just as important; how does the role you’re recruiting for contribute. Purpose driven people want to see and feel the impact they could have, so make this crystal clear.  


This should tell your story; use narratives about the impact you have had (on customers, your people, the planet) and tell the stories in a variety of ways; videos, picture boards, sound bites, reels. Your story should always reflect your purpose to demonstrate how it’s being lived throughout your organisation. Showcase real stories from your people who have found purpose and fulfilment in their roles to inspire candidates. 

Getting out and about  

If your organisation takes part in job fairs, career expos, or other recruitment events, make sure to emphasise your purpose. Use banners, brochures, and presentations to communicate your company’s values and mission. But remember to consider whether your giveaways support your ambitions; its’ likely that if you’re striving towards create a better planet, handing out single use items won’t line up with your purpose. 

When you’re engaging with potential candidates, talk about how their skills and aspirations might align with your organisation’s purpose. The more candidates see it running through the ‘veins’ of an organisations representative, the greater the integrity of the message. 

Shop window 

Inactive socials can sometimes create a barrier between you and potential candidates. This is your shop window so it’s important its’ kept fresh with engaging and relevant content which supports your mission.  

Share stories, testimonials, and behind-the-scenes content that highlights the positive impact your organisation has on your people and the community. 

Encourage your people to share their experiences and perspectives on social media, creating an authentic representation of your company culture. 

Your community

Your local community can be great advocates and therefore reference points for your organisation. Make links with community groups that share your values, schools, colleges and emphasise the emphasise the meaningful work that your organisation undertakes.  

Your potential 

Emphasise how working for your company provides opportunities for professional growth and development aligned with your purpose. Showcase mentorship programs, training initiatives, and career paths that contribute to both individual and organisational goals. 

Be transparent 

Be open and honest about the challenges your organisation faces in pursuing its purpose. Transparency can build trust with potential candidates who appreciate a realistic view of the company’s mission and its impact.  You might not be perfect in your company vision and purpose, but it is better to be honest about what is working well, as well as what is still to be improved. 

NB Discuss how important it is that all new recruits can contribute to the positive change and development of the organisation! 

Offer purpose-driven benefits 

Showcase benefits that support a purpose-driven culture, such as flexible work arrangements, volunteer opportunities, or sustainability initiatives. This demonstrates your commitment to fostering a work environment that goes beyond day-to-day tasks. 

Walk the talk 

Last but definitely by no means least; are your people involved in recruitment walking the talk? It’s great to have an aspirational purpose and be working towards a great culture, but if you’re selling a rosy picture of who you are as a business, and the people responsible for recruitment are not there yet, candidates will see, feel and hear the disconnect.  Your integrity will be called into question which does all sorts of brand damage. 

In conclusion

By weaving your company purpose into various stages of the recruitment process, you not only attract candidates who share your values but also set the foundation for a more engaged and committed workforce. This contributes to a positive employer brand and helps in keeping hold of your people who are genuinely passionate about your organisation’s mission. 

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Harnessing the power of your green purpose to attract the best talent  was written by

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