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  • Top 5 challenges for sales leaders in green businesses at the start of the financial year 

    As the new financial year dawns upon us, sales leaders in the green industry find themselves at the forefront of a rapidly evolving landscape. With sustainability becoming a core focus for businesses and consumers alike, the opportunities are vast, but so are the challenges. From aligning eco-motivation to navigating budget constraints, sales leaders must adeptly…
  • Selling “Green” products or services? Strategies for success during a recession

    The recent news that we’re in a recession and have been since the end of 2023, won’t have been a surprise to many organisations who will already be feeling the impact of reduced customer spend on their bottom line. Businesses across industries face unique challenges, and those promoting green products or services are no exception.…
  • How to sell sustainability-centric products and services

    “We face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies" -Sir David Attenborough. You are in a business that sells products, services or solutions that have a big impact on our planet.   You know that your offering makes a big difference to environmental sustainability compared to the...
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