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  • Probationary periods: a necessary evil or outdated practice? 

    Probationary periods currently serve as common practice for employers and employees, yet their effectiveness and fairness are subjects of ongoing debate particularly within HR circles.   Are they a valuable tool for assessing new hires, or do they create uncertainty and anxiety in the workforce?   Do they align with who you are as an organisation and…
  • Elevate your onboarding: designing an induction that makes a lasting impact

    So your new recruit has arrived in person or virtually on day one – success!   Now you’ll hopefully have done a lot of the ground work for their induction/onboarding before they’ve started, so here are some ideas to make sure they’re informed, engaged, inspired and get up to speed so they can start fulfilling their…
  • The art of anticipation: building excitement before day one 

    Your pre-induction/onboarding process needs to kick in seamlessly post recruitment, to provide a positive candidate experience and ensure a smooth transition into your organisation. Here are some tips to help you demonstrate integrity in your mission, get your new recruits excited while they work their notice periods, and help them start to feel part of…
  • Sailing through post-interview waters: what happens next? 

    Hopefully your “flawless” job interview experience has left your candidates feeling informed, excited and eager to join your purpose driven organisation. Now it’s decision time, how can you identify the right person for the role, the team and your business and ensure they take you up on your offer?
  • The ultimate interviewer’s playbook: steps to a flawless job interview experience 

    Getting ready for carrying out brilliant job interviews involves careful planning, effective communication, and a thorough evaluation of your candidates. What’s important to remember is it’s never just the interview itself that makes or breaks the candidate experience, it’s what comes before and after that matters just as much! Here we set out the priority…
  • Mastering an unforgettable recruitment experience

    You’ve spent time on your employer brand, you’ve been really clear about your purpose and you’ve created a really attractive proposition about who you are as an employer. Now we’re getting into the detail of the visible recruitment process, remember that your brand will be enhanced by successful AND unsuccessful candidates who will judge you…
  • Harnessing the power of your green purpose to attract the best talent 

    Recruiting the best people has always been a challenge. The best people expect the best experience and if your attraction and recruitment efforts aren't up to scratch, you risk losing them to someone else who could cut the mustard.  Working in the green sector is no different, but on top of this, people seeking green…
  • HR Leaders helping sales teams to have a bigger impact on the planet 

    Within purpose led, values driven businesses you’ll often find teams of people passionate about contributing to making a difference within the world. This passion drives them to operate with integrity and motivates them to succeed. But quite often, there comes an internal moral battle between doing the right thing and making a business commercially profitable.  
    Accredited courses specifically for green focused companies
  • Transferrable skills for the green economy

    If you are a business leader or responsible for talent acquisition, then you will be conscious of how important getting the right people into the right positions is to your ongoing success. But in this current recruitment market, finding those right people isn’t always easy and whilst they may love your Green credentials, you are…
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