Accredited Course:
The Purposeful Leader

Leading teams effectively with passion and purpose, towards your environmental and business goals.

Fully CPD accredited, The Purposeful Leader is for action takers; leaders who have developed their skills through previous management experience and now want to elevate their impact. Developing leadership capability to capitalise on the growth opportunities within themselves, the business, their team or their client base.

Aimed at existing leaders who may have little or lapsed formal training in leadership and management; these 8 carefully created modules will develop the skills, knowledge and tools that are most relevant to leadership within the Green Sector. Helping you lead brilliant teams and accelerate towards your business vision through strong commercial leadership practices.

What you’ll learn over the two days:

  1. Mindset of a leader: identify your leadership strengths, vision and purpose to create a strong personal brand.
  2. Colourful communication: influence and motivate others through impactful communication.
  3. Team dynamics and culture: develop and nurture a values and objectives led high performing team.
  4. Understanding team potential: create a plan to align your teams individual values and skills with the needs of the organisation
  5. Motivating teams: get the right results by aligning objectives and purpose with individual motivators.
  6. Navigating the nightmares: navigate challenging conversations to create values led outcomes.
  7. Coaching for Impact: empower and grow individuals to help them thrive.
  8. Making it happen: bring your learning together and reflect on how you’ll take action.

How it works

  • 2 day CPD accredited programme
  • 8 modules
  • A mix of facilitation, self-reflection and coaching
  • 20 CPD hours
  • Full certification

Who it’s for

  • Existing Managers, Managers of Teams in the Green sector.
  • Some previous people management experience is important.

A bit more about Wayvie

We’re the UK’s number one provider of soft skills to the green industry. We commit to helping people be brilliant in all that they do.

We won’t stop until every business in the green industry has a culture strong enough to enable them to hit the target that the earth has set us.

We’re committed to helping businesses make small changes that create a ripple effect. Lots of small changes stack up to make big impacts – which is how we want to help as many green firms as possible make their difference.

How we work

  • Training programs and workshops blended with a range of learning methods.
  • Every training intervention has an identified carbon footprint and is offset through our partner Ecologi
  • Every trainer is carbon literate and supportive in your organisational purpose, and driven to help people be brilliant in their roles

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