Accredited Course:
Purpose Driven Sales

Create impact, influence and sell value with integrity to deliver your environmental and business goals.

The Purpose Driven Sales course is for professionals working within any sales or account management role. Created specifically for sales people working within the green space who want to create a positive customer impact, influence and sell with integrity.

In this fully CPD accredited course, these carefully crafted modules will help you will gain a deeper understanding of value selling. How to create value within the customer journey, deepening your sales pipeline and communicating persuasively to customer stakeholders and decision makers.

What you’ll learn over the two days:

  1. Mindset of a Seller: understand how your mindset influences your ability to sell effectively
  2. Principles of Values Selling: what drives your customers’ decisions to buy?
  3. Casting the Vision: engage effectively through the customer journey to make for an easy close.
  4. Populating the Pipeline: create a pipeline of customers who are ready to buy.
  5. Give your sales the Triple AAA treatment: provide innovative solutions that create customer loyalty and sustainability brand ambassadors.
  6. Constructive Communications: effective communication across the decision making group.
  7. Pitching for impact: how to land your pitch with every stakeholder buying into your green solution.
  8. Making it happen: bring your learning together and develop a Personal Sales Action Plan.

How it works

  • 2 day CPD accredited programme
  • 8 modules
  • A mix of facilitation, self-reflection and coaching
  • 20 CPD hours
  • Full certification

Who it’s for

  • Sales and account management teams in the green industry
  • Sales teams driving growth of sustainable products & solutions

A bit more about Wayvie

We’re the UK’s number one provider of soft skills to the green industry. We commit to helping people be brilliant in all that they do.

We won’t stop until every business in the green industry has a culture strong enough to enable them to hit the target that the earth has set us.

We’re committed to helping businesses make small changes that create a ripple effect. Lots of small changes stack up to make big impacts – which is how we want to help as many green firms as possible make their difference.

How we work

  • Training programmes and workshops blended with a range of learning methods.
  • Every training intervention has an identified carbon footprint and is offset through our partner Ecologi
  • Every trainer is carbon literate and supportive in your organisational purpose, and driven to help people be brilliant in their roles

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